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Police Misconduct & Civil Rights Violations

Most police officers are professionals who carry out their hazardous duties carefully and respectfully towards the people they must investigate, arrest and charge. However, from time to time an officer will step outside the law and cause harm to a member of the public. When this happens, care must be taken to assure that the rights of the abused person are vindicated so that the abuse does not occur again.

If you were the victim of police abuse, which may include the inappropriate use of force, denial of the right to take prescribed medications, false arrest, or malicious prosecution, you must contact me immediately. There are special time limitations concerning legal actions against public employees and the government. You will lose your legal opportunities if these time periods expire before you take legal action.

The fact that you simply discuss these problems with me does not create a legal relationship between us concerning such actions. In order for a lawyer client relationship to exist between us, there must be a written agreement, signed by both us, which describes the actions you are authorizing me to take on your behalf. The first step in that direction is discussing your case with me. I will listen and I will earn your trust.

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